Album Introduction

   This site originally went on line with only the Jack Bowerman photos. Since these photos were uploaded to the Internet, I have received numerous photos from others who have graciously thumbed through their long gone relations albums and passed their findings on to me.

   Operators Bowerman, Aitkens, Corriveau, Thomas, and Harris were all operators on the coast stations at some time during the 1912-1940 period. They saw the evolution of the radio world, from spark transmitters and crystal receivers, to the vacuum tube era.

   Each album area is in no particular order, but I've added comments of my own or copied what was on the photo itself.

   Jack Bowerman started as a wireless operator along the British Columbia coast in 1911 and retires as the District Supervisor in 1951. He passed away in 1981 and left behind some photo albums. In addition he wrote a bit of the history down here.

   Chas Aitkens joined the radio service in the 1930's and was active at Estevan Point Wireless for the next decade. Chas passed away in 1996.

   'Lofty' Harris joined in 1912 and worked a number of stations along the coast. In the 1940's he switched from Marine to Air Services and began installing aeronautical radio ranges in British Columbia. Lofty ended his career in Edmonton, retiring in the early 1950's.

   Clarence Thomas, Chas Aitkens' brother-in-law, worked as an operator during the same time period as Chas at Alert Bay and Coppermine N.W.T.

   More albums here.

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