Harris Photos

51   Triangle Island, August 1915.

   "These boys are dirty looking kids,

but they're a good old bunch,

   they don't give a damn for anything,

so long as they're called for lunch."


  l-r: Walter Watkins, D.Ward, Sid, me, Charlie Thomas

52   Album page shown for context.

53   Ikeda Wireless Station March 2, 1919. Shows two buildings, one the residence and the other may be the powerhouse/operations building. These two buildings are examples of B.C. Mills prefabricated buildings. The Dominion government purchased a number of these prefab buildings for use at the various wireless stations.  Once the foundation was done these buildings went up quickly.  B.C. MIlls supplied everything, right down to the nails.

54   Copper Island from Ikeda Bay. Copper Island was just to the north of the station.

55   Point Atkinson, North Vancouver. North shore mountains before the First Narrows Bridge (Lion's Gate) was constructed.

56  "Entrance to Ikeda Bay

57   Album page shown for context.

58   Album page shown for context. "Sport at Ikeda, July 1918." Lofty's wife, Effie. Photos have not been cropped off. Both are toting shotguns.

59   Album page shown for context.

60   Album page from c.1915 period at Triangle Island. Top photo is of the sea lion rookery. Lower photo is photo 61 below.

61   View of Triangle Island. Boat house is visible in the bottom left corner. c.1915

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63   SS Prince John at the Ikeda mine dock around 1918.

64   Album page, shown for context.

65   Lofty and daughter on board the SS Prince John, April 26, 1919.

66   Canadian National Railroad's SS Prince Rupert. This ship was larger than most on the coast and thus had many amenities.

   In those days, running aground happened on occasion. Vessels were not equipped with radar and the charts, although improving, still had some navigational hazards unmarked. Safe navigation depended upon the local knowledge, built up over years of being in the wheel house, within the navigator's head.

67   Distant view of the SS Prince Rupert aground on Genn Island.

68   Album page for context.

69   Album page shown for context.

70   "Dead Tree Point, QCI. My first outside station. March 1912. Pictures taken fall 1948 on the way to Massett." At this time Lofty was roaming BC installing air navigation aids, such as radio ranges.

71   "Dead Tree 1948. Herb Holt on step." We will take his word on that!

   72   Showing the interior of the Lulu Island (Vancouver) Garden City Road (Richmond) transmitter site. Transmitter models are unknown. Date is March 1953.  Photo below is from the other end of the room.

73   1953 photo of Vancouver Radio's Lulu Island Transmitter site on Garden City Road.  This station was Canada's primary deep sea communications station for vessels in the Pacific. Medium and High Frequency voice and Morse communication was available. This imposing collection of transmitter hardware reflects the importance of the station. The receiver station was located some miles away to reduce any mutual interference.

74   Message stamp from Triangle Island Wireless.

75   Reverse of envelope containing the above message stamp. "TLD Msg Stamp". TLD being the call sign of the station before 1913.