Anne Corke   This photo and the next few are courtesy of Anne Corke. Her grandfather and father came to BC from the UK in the early 1930's to work at Ocean Falls. They explored the coastal areas in their spare time and returned to the UK in the late 1930's.  This photo is the station/power house at Bull Harbor.

Anne Corke  Bull Harbor in the early 1930's.  Wooden stepped masts still in use.  There are no trees on the far side of the station due to it being another beach.  The station is spread out along a narrow swath of land.

Anne Corke   The other end of the generator building at Bull Harbor. The wide doors may indicate the engine room. Note the tramway tracks down to the beach.  In those days the wharf far down the south side of the harbor had not yet been built.

Anne Corke   Early 1930's operating position. The original photo label identifies it as Bull Harbor, but the image is of a Marconi direction finder receiver. The only DF station on the west coast of Canada was Pachena. A clock and barometer hanging on the wall.  Each end of the two receiving loops would come to the four connections on the top left.  The operator would have the vessel hold their wireless key down and he would rotate the dial on the left for a 'null', or minimum signal.  This null would be quite sharp.  The ship's bearing would be read directly off the dial.  The station may apply a correction, if required, to compensate for the loops not being exactly at right angles, or aligned east-west/north-south.  The bearing would be transmitted to the ship.

Anne Corke   Distant photo of Triangle Island. This photo is unique in that the lantern has not yet been placed on the light tower, thus dating the photo to the spring of 1910.
   This station would have been long gone by the 1930's so Ann's relatives may have found an image someplace.

Anne Corke   Estevan Station. Duplex dwelling, fog alarm building and the base of the light tower. Early 1930's.

Anne Corke   Construction at Pachena.


Des Davidge   Estevan Point community in the early 1960's. Dwellings along the ridge at the back. Radio operations building in the fore ground.

Des Davidge   Bamfield Life Saving Station in 1926. Compare with Bowerman's photo 161.

Ken Gibson   Estevan Point light house under construction in 1909. Poured concrete construction. All done with muscle power, human and horse.

Anne Corke   One end of the Digby Island staff dwelling.

Some photos passed on by other interested readers.